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Brighton SEO: A Round Up

Brighton SEO
Brighton SEO

Earlier this month, Brighton saw the return of one of the most highly anticipated natural search conferences of the year; Brighton SEO. Bringing together thousands of search marketers from across the globe, the 2013 event proved to be just as insightful as everyone had hoped.

Consisting of a series of talks and lectures throughout the two day conference, Brighton SEO allowed its attendees to discover new and interesting approaches to areas such as content marketing, advertising and PR.

INTERESTED? Here are just a few highlights from the days’ activities.


Hannah Smith: ‘Go Big or Go Home’

A talk that caught the eye of many SEO-ers during the event was Hannah Smith’s presentation ‘Go Big or Go Home.’ Addressing the importance of taking risks in link building, Smith encouraged her audience to realise the advantages in investing in ‘big’ content rather than playing it safe with ‘small’, albeit consistent, content.

From her perspective, small content is a small gamble, which in turn can only produce small rewards. So for this reason, natural searchers should channel all their creative energy into making BIG content that’s guaranteed to generate greater online results.

Smith also placed an emphasis on the use of visual platforms, such as infographics and video, and the need to ensure that content is genuinely appealing and informative to a client’s target audience.  

To achieve this, it is key to remember:

1. To create content that supports the brand’s positioning
2. To produce content which isn’t time-specific
3. To use your best idea first (with plenty more on standby)
4. And to set benchmarks for success before launch


Lexi Mills: Secret weapons of successful content and outreach

In order for content to stay king, Lexi Mills suggests that search marketers should aim to make articles topical, popular and relevant. Rather than rehashing and repeating content consumers have seen time and time again, Mills advocates the use of trend analysis tools such as Google Trends, BBC’s On This Day tool and Trendsmap as a means of generating new and exciting concepts for content.

What’s more, Mills also promoted the idea of knowing your content’s value/best assets and to then use them to their full potential. Create tweetable titles, use social hooks and don’t neglect content design; just a select few of the secret weapons you need under your belt for successful outreach.  


Lauren Pope: Bread and Butter Content

Rather than concentrating upon content that has the potential to become viral, speaker Lauren Pope decided to discuss ‘bread and butter content.’ This is the material that’s at the heart of every content strategy; the articles and posts which primarily concentrate on the audiences’ needs, provides useful information and helps to answer topical questions.

For Pope, whilst original and quirky content is essential, ‘bread and butter content’ is always going to be relevant, and will therefore continue to provide the online traffic/links you’re looking for. It’s just a case of making your content more memorable than competitors.  


Clearly 2013’s Brighton SEO was a huge success; will you be heading there next year?

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